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The number of visitors who came to our stand was beyond all expectations

Published on: 2023-06-20

Maja Kristin Hystad
Department Manager Store
Obs! Bygg Sørlandsparken

Why did you participate as an exhibitor at the Boligmesse?

As the only Obs Bygg store here in southern Norway, we wanted to mark our position and strengthen our own brand: Obs Bygg. The housing fair is something many people are familiar with, and several of us have also been visitors in the past. It is an important meeting place for the housing industry, and it is a perfect arena to meet new people and potential customers who are working on both large and small projects. It also gives us a good opportunity to market ourselves and let people get to know us as employees of the store. We want people to come to us because the employees are fantastic, because we are good at prices, and because it is safe to shop with us.

How did you prepare for the fair?

In preparation for the fair, there was a lot of planning to get everything in place, from which product groups we should bring, to getting our partners on board, how our stand should look, and how we should present Obs Bygg in the best possible way. It was a big but very fun and exciting process – which really gave us a taste for more. We felt that we managed to create a small Obs Bygg store at the fair, which was also the vision when we started planning.

Has the fair lived up to your expectations, and if so, in what way?

We naturally had faith that it was going to be good, but it turned out better than we had imagined. The number of visitors who came to our stand was beyond all expectations, and there was a huge buzz, especially on Saturday and Sunday. There was a queue to sign up for wardrobes, a flood of orders for windows, doors, and garage doors. And, we did well on items such as high-pressure cleaners, tools, heat pumps, and electronic door locks. With over 8,000 visitors to the fair, I think both we and the organizers can say that we were very satisfied with the Boligmesse in Sørlandshallen 2023. We got to talk to other exhibitors, organizers, old and new customers. It was a very successful implementation from A to Z. And we experienced the cooperation with Compass Fairs as professional, personal, and easy.