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Boligmesse exceeded our expectations by far

Published on: 2023-06-20


– Why did you participate as an exhibitor at the Boligmesse?
In connection with the launch of TIPS WALK, we decided to debut this concept at the Boligmesse 2023. We saw it as a great opportunity to reach a wide audience who were in the right “building mode.” Being able to meet over XXXXX thousand people in one place was a unique opportunity for us.

– How did you prepare in advance of the fair?
We announced on social media that we would be launching TIPS WALK at the Boligmesse. Additionally, we prepared for visitors to have the opportunity to showcase their drawings with us during the fair.

– Has the fair lived up to your expectations?
I have to admit that we were cautiously optimistic before the fair, but the Boligmesse exceeded our expectations by far. For us, it was the best possible launch we could have hoped for.
Before packing up our booth, we signed up for next year’s fair, so that says it all.