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Information covid-19

Infection control measures at Boligmesse

After 27 May 2021, trade fairs are regulated equal as shopping centers.

Boligmesse is covered by §15c in the Covid-19 regulations, and meets all infection control requirements.

§15c. Requirements for proper conduct of trade fairs and temporary markets in the field of infection control

Trade fairs and temporary markets can be carried out if the operation is professionally sound. Proper operation of infection control means that the company must ensure that visitors and personnel can keep at least 1 meter distance to people in another household, that it has prepared routines for good hygiene and good cleaning, and that these routines are complied with.

Businesses that run trade fairs and temporary markets must determine how many people can be present in the premises, or the outdoor area where the trade fair or temporary market is held, calculated on the basis of the size and design of the premises or area. If necessary, security shall be used to ensure that the requirement is complied with.

Businesses that run trade fairs and temporary markets must register contact information for those guests who agree to it. It is sufficient to record the information of one person in each group. The companies must nevertheless encourage as many people as possible to provide contact information. Contact information means information that makes it possible to get in touch with the guest, such as the telephone number. The company must also register the date and time of the visit. The contact information shall only be used to assist the municipality in any subsequent infection detection in accordance with the Infection Control Act § 3-6. Upon request, the information shall be provided for this purpose. The information must be stored properly and deleted after 14 days. The company must inform the person being registered about the purpose of the registration and how long the contact information is kept.

We also encourage everyone who has the opportunity to avoid the busiest times, which are usually in the middle of the day on Saturday and Sunday. If we reach the maximum number of visitors, waiting zones outside the exhibition arena will be used. Here you will be able to keep a good distance from others in the queue.

In order for the trade fair participation to be safe for both exhibitors, the public and our own employees, Standard Norway has prepared a national infection control guide in line with the National Institute of Public Health’s guidelines. All relevant municipal chief physicians are also contacted and invited to provide input to take care of local conditions.

Click here to read our infection control guide.

The infection control guide lists a number of measures that will be implemented at this autumn’s fairs. Among other things, dedicated security staff will help to ensure that rules on distance are complied with, there will be frequent cleaning throughout the weekend, and antibacterial liquid and signs about hygiene and distance will be set up in a number of places at the fair. It is also important that you do not come to the fair if you know symptoms of illness.

The infection control guide is continuously updated in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations. In this way, Boligmesse will be a safe trading arena for both exhibitors, the public and employees. The housing fair is like any other shopping center, and it should be at least as safe to come to us as to the local shopping center.

We hope for an understanding that the fairs can be experienced as something different this autumn, but we are very much looking forward to inspiring with news, expert help and good trade fair offers in a safe arena.

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